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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Politics are Important to Medpot Patients

I hope you visit my MySpace page soon, because it contains links to many fine musicians and lots of fine music!

Some of my recent friends include Pete Seeger, Donovan, Serena Ryder, Victoria Fuller, Gandhi, and Rumi. Yes, MySpace is a remarkable place where you can befriend legendary or young, contemporary musicians, as well as great human beings from the past who are still very much alive on this amazing website!

Among my original MySpace friends, are Marc Emery and Loretta Nall. The former is still awaiting extradition from Canada to the U.S. for selling pot seeds over the Internet, while the latter ran for Governor of Alabama as a Libertarian, advocating the legalization of medpot in that State.

A great example of a political advocate for medicinal marijuana is talk show host Montel Williams. His courage in speaking out for legalization of medpot can only be admired. If more celebrities admitted to using cannabis for medicinal purposes, we'd have much less irrational fear surrounding the issue!

With the most important Presidential election coming up very soon, my thoughts turn to the importance of politics for medpot patients. This is no time to shirk our responsibilities and retreat into feigned neutrality. No, I am not neutral. I wholeheartedly support Barack Obama for President! BTW, he is one of my MySpace friends!

What the Republicans did to the economy is inexcusable. Their irrational espousing of an unfettered free market economy and their criminal habit of turning a blind eye to the excesses of unbridled capitalism has gotten the world to where it is now. Sure, now they advocate regulation and government involvement. A classic case of too little, too late.

Throw the bums out! I say this without reservation! Just think of how much better we were under Clinton. Only under a Democratic administration can we ever hope to stop the archaic government regulations toward marijuana--we can at least remove it from being demonized by the Controlled Substances Act as a dangerous drug on par with heroin.

Medicinal marijuna must be legalized, not just in the handful of States where it's already permitted by local laws, but throughout the United States. Only then can we once again pride ourselves as living in the home of the brave and the land of the free!

A Democratic administration is our best bet to have alternate technologies supported and accepted by the powers that be. Technologies such as Solar, Wind, Tidal, and Ocean Thermal energy. As well as Home Hydroponics, which, I firmly believe, holds the key to solving impending food and energy shortages throughout the world.

Think about it, if we all had hydroponic gardens in our basements, we could not only grow pot as medicine, but also our own vegetables, which would not only result in fresher, tastier vegetables on our tables, but also preclude the necessity of having them trucked in from afar, considerably cutting down on carbon emissions.

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