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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Indoor Gardening, the Beatles, and Healing

Been so busy with my job that I hardly have time for anything else. I’ve been neglecting my MySpace page, too. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can visit it by clicking here.

There’s loads of good music accessible through my MySpace page. Serena Ryder comes to mind. She’s a very young Canadian musician who sounds a bit like Buffy Sainte-Marie in some of her songs. She is very talented! I just heard on the CBC (yeah, I confess, I do listen to Canadian radio here in the Pacific Northwest—it’s public radio, without the annoying ads you get on most U.S. stations!) that she’s appearing at a festival somewhere in BC soon, I didn’t quite catch which one.

She’s listed as one of my Top 40, so all you have to do to listen to her music is to click on her picture, get magically transported to her page, and wait until the music loads. Hope you agree that she’s a tremendous talent!

Ringo Starr just celebrated a birthday recently, so I put him back among my Top friends. I figure the man is a legend, and even though his musical talents have been called into question now and again, he did rub shoulders with the likes of John Lennon and George Harrison, not to mention Mr. Divorce, Paul McCartney! Then again, I have a soft spot for Yellow Submarine, and It Ain’t Easy.

My grow is progressing nicely, thank you. I’ve stopped writing blow by blow descriptions of my weekly progress with my medical marijuana plants, since the cycle just repeats itself every three months or so and I use the same basic winning formula to produce my usual 35 or so giant kolas, so if anyone’s really interested in how I do it, they can just click on my archival posts.

I use Sensi Grow Two-Part for veg and Connoisseur A & B for bloom, along with a whole array of supplements, beneficials, and bloom boosters that Advanced Nutrients has tested out over the years and we’re absolutely certain work very well together. Check out their Nutrient Calculator!The proof is in the pudding, as the four lads used to say in Liverpool.

As legend goes, Bob Dylan turned them onto pot in a hotel room, with Allen Ginsberg present, and the rest, as they say, is history. Magical Mystery Tour and Sergeant Pepper would never have been born, were it not for Lady Jane—the sacred herb that has been used in healing for centuries. From what I hear from old hippies, the Beatles came along just at the right time in the sixties to heal a whole generation suffering from the woes of the world—i.e. the war in Viet Nam, international student unrest, racial tension in American cities, and starvation in the Third World.

“Because the world is round, it turns me on…” “All you need is love…”; for a brief moment in history, the four lads indeed were—in the words of John Lennon-- “more popular than Jesus.”

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