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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hydroponics produces powerful medicine

Sorry about such a long time between blog entries. I promise to pick up the pace soon. The demands of my job made it necessary to cut back on some of my favorite activities, including writing this blog. There are only so many hours in the day, and when the pressure builds, something’s gotta give.

However, my marijuana medicine is magic when it comes to releasing the pressure. Whenever I get so wound up I can’t imagine getting any sleep, I roll a blunt and inhale deeply. Soon I am lying back in my recliner and listening to soothing reggae, blues, or mellow jazz.

If you visit my page on MySpace, you’ll see how many famous musicians have supported me and Claire by signing up as our friends. One black dude even commented how Squirrel is a cool name for our daughter. It’s only her nickname, but we appreciated the compliment.

Tibet has been troubling me. I have the greatest respect for the Dalai Lama and my heart grieves for the demonstrator killed by the Chinese military. If you haven’t yet, please sign the petition urging both sides to seek a peaceful solution.

I clean my grow room meticulously in between crops. If you want to keep pests and pathogens away, you must follow common sense sanitary procedures. The pumps and tubes and reservoir and baked clay pebbles all have to be thoroughly scrubbed and washed and checked for flaws.

I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Two-Part for the vegetative cycle of my young plants and after I make my selection and end up with six sinsemilla plants, I switch to Connoisseur A & B. This premium fert is well worth the price. My last harvest consisted of 28 huge buds. The previous one saw my six plants provide 25 humongous kolas.

I manicure and trim my buds while they’re still attached to the live plant, in order to minimize damage. If you wait too long the buds become brittle and there’s greater chance of damage.

This time I used not only Carbo Load Liquid, but also Sweet Leaf, a great product that contains berry sugars and molasses, designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of the smoke. Does it ever!

Anyway, Claire is very busy these days, as well. Her migraines have improved to such an extent (thanks to our daily toke) that she is working on writing a novel, if you can believe that. Guess what? Medicinal marijuana and excruciating migraines play a large part in the story. Write what you know is good advice…

Will try to make an appearance more often in these pages. In the meantime, visit me on MySpace and look at some great videos! And please visit my friends’ pages and listen to some great music (Sting, Neil Young, Ani di Franco, and Ziggy Marley are just some of my MySpace friends that you might have heard of…)

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