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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hydroponics Helps Us Grow Our Own Medicine

Hydroponics has certainly revolutionized indoor cannabis production, as it has the growing of many vegetables and fruits in greenhouses. Cut flowers have also benefited from this method of propagation.

Hydroponic gardening has afforded me another bountiful harvest at the end of November. My six sinsemilla ladies produced 25 huge, resinous buds that are now being cured in large glass jars in my drying closet.

The size and potency of my marijuana buds is a testimony to the efficacy of Connoisseur A & B, the Advanced Nutrients super premium bloom fertilizer that I’ve used for my last three growth cycles.

I grow my plants using an ebb and flow hydroponic system in a room adjacent to my home office in the basement of our home. In my opinion, the ebb and flow (or flood and drain) is the Rolls Royce of hydroponic systems, that features a modular construction (you can add as many or few modules or buckets, as necessary).

For the vegetative stage of my plants, I use AN’s Sensi Grow A & B, an excellent base fertilizer. Before I started using Connoisseur, I used Sensi Bloom A & B for the bloom phase, which is an excellent fert in its own right.

Since my end of November harvest, I’ve started 15 seeds and am now in the process of sex selection. This process, as described in my last post, results in choosing the six strongest female plants to continue into bud formation and full bloom.

I am very grateful to the plant scientists at Advanced Nutrients, who have developed the world’s best nourishment for plants. In addition to my base ferts, I also use their entire Plus Program, which involves additives, supplements, root colonizers, and bloom boosters. These are designed to optimize your yields.

For instance, by adding Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice at half strength into my hydro reservoir, I supply the roots of my plants with beneficial fungi, bacteria, and microbes that not only make the roots grow faster and bigger, but also aid in the absorption of vital nutrients.
The only reason for using these products at half strength in hydro is that they multiply much faster in a water environment, than they do in soil.

In test after test, plants grown with these beneficial microorganisms grew bigger, more robust, and developed largest buds and flowers, than plants grown without the benefit of these products.

I apologize for not blogging more often this year, but job pressures and family obligations have kept me away from doing so. We had a good Christmas, with Squirrel getting many of the items on her long wish list.

Claire and I are ever so grateful for our daily medicinal smoke, which makes her migraines bearable and ensures that my immune system keeps my cancer at bay.

We wish the readers of this blog a very Happy New Year! Please visit my MySpace page to listen to some great music, see some funny videos, and be connected to my list of MySpace friends, many of whom are very talented singer/songwriters.

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posted by Wes @ 3:48 AM


At 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just what we need, another paid Advanced Nutrient shill. Your "testimonial" sounds so canned, it's pretty obvious someone told you what to say.

Just think about this... if their nutrient is so damn great, why on earth would you need to add dozens of "additives", "supplements", and "bloom boosters" to make it better?

Your MySpace page says you live in Arlington, Virginia. Hmmm, I live in Woodbridge, Virginia... when did they change the medical marijuana law here? I must've missed that meeting.

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Wes said...

I hope that all Virginians aren't as rude as you.

I am a recovering cancer patient and I grow my own medicine in Arlington, Washington. The last time I checked medicinal marijuana was legal in my state.

As to why I need all the additives and supplements in addition to my basic plant food, even though our human diets can consist of the best nutrition available, many of us still take supplements to optimize our intake of vitamins and nutrients.

I want the same level of robust nutrition for my plants.

The only "shill" in this conversation, is you.

Peace, Love, and Respect,


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