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Friday, October 05, 2007

Sexing my Ladies, Feeding my Buds, Listening to Baez

My 15 seedlings have morphed into 6 ladies, through early sex detection. I prefer the Dutch method, which involves putting a lightproof, black paper bag over a selected branch of each plant, and keeping it on for 12 hours each night, while the rest of the plant is getting the regular veg lighting regimen, which is 18/6.

Some growers keep the light on for 24 hours, but I was told by someone whose opinion I respect, that any light energy after 18 hours of continuous illumination just goes to waste. Cannabis plants are not able to continue photosynthesis on a non-stop basis.

Anyhow, the black paper bag test showed me that I had 8 females, 4 males, and 3 hermies. The latter are short for hermaphrodites, or cannabis plant having both male and female characteristics.

Since I choose to grow only unfertilized, virgin females (sinsemilla), I had to get rid of not only the males and hermies, but also two females. That hurt, but I observed my 8 ladies very closely, and determined the two weakest ones to give away.

I don’t thrash the plants I don’t use, I give them to a fellow medpot user who makes good use of them. These plants still have a THC content, so they can be smoked as medicine, but they’re just not as potent as sinsemilla plants.

As those who read this blog regularly must know by now, Claire and I are lawful medpot growers and users in the jurisdiction in which we dwell. Claire suffers from excruciating migraines, while I am a recovering cancer patient.

I used to let my six ladies (one for each bucket in my ebb and flow modular system) veg for a full eight weeks and they used to reach heights that came very close to my one 600W High Pressure Sodium light fixture.

However, more recently I learned that allowing only five weeks of veg time, then switching to 12/12 and letting my plants bloom for a full eight weeks, is a better method. Since I’m using the Advanced Nutrients super fert, Connoisseur A & B for bloom, sometimes it even takes a few extra days for my humungous and prolific buds to mature.

But when they do, they’re dripping with resin and are the most aromatic, tasty, and potent buds that I have ever grown. The polyamino alcohols in this super premium fert elasticize the cells of my cannabis ladies and allow them to store extra carbohydrates.

This extra energy store is responsible for the proliferation of bud sites and the truly colossal buds that the rest of Connoisseur’s ingredients nourish to harvest.

We also use the Plus Program, meaning that we use each AN product recommended by the Nutrient Calculator on the AN website that goes along with my veg fert, Sensi Grow A & B, as well as my super powerful bloom fertilizer.

I’m spending a lot of time on my MySpace page, building up the number of my friends. I am ever so grateful to number Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, and John Lennon among my friends!

Yeah, MySpace is that magical place where those heroes of mine who are no longer with us continue to live on as cyberspace personas. The page administrators of Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Allen Ginsberg, and George Harrison also allowed me to list them as “friends,” and I’m very grateful, indeed.

BTW, if you visit my page, please click on the Joan Baez picture among those of all my friends. Her page plays a song called “Jerusalem” which knocked me out! Gonna have to download that one, for sure!

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