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Friday, September 07, 2007

A Reggae Legend and 11 Tips for Growing Medpot

Reggae is contagious. It is probably the purest musical form that grew out of cannabis culture. If it doesn’t make you wanna get up dance, you’re probably not being born, you’re busy dying.

Been listening to a lot of Peter Tosh lately. His “Bush Doctor” CD is mindblowing. It has all of Creation in it, along with a song calling for the legalization of marijuana, and a duet with Mick Jagger, to boot.

“Everybody’s crying out for peace,
but none are crying out for justice.
We won’t get no peace,
Until we get equal rights and justice.”

If marijuana were to be legalized in Jamaica, Tosh envisions, “there will be no more need to smoke and hide.” That’s the biggest gripe I have about our moralizing drug warriors (some of whom like to play footsies in the men’s room).

By taking the magical experience of getting high on pot, and associating it with the dreaded knock on the door, they’ve instilled paranoia in several generations of young people. Paranoia leads to stress, stress leads to disease.

Claire and I are suffering from different diseases—she from excruciating migraines, me from a form of cancer, which is now in remission. I thank my lucky stars and guardian angels that my tumor cells have stopped growing.

Our only solace—and major source of encouragement—is our daily toke of therapeutic cannabis. Hats off to the 12 States that allow patients to grow and smoke their own medicine.

Fifteen tiny seeds have germinated in my grow room, their shells have split and tiny taproots have come out one end, while the cotyledon or seed leaves emerged a day later. I use one-inch rockwool cubes for germination.

I used to use fluorescent lights to get my seedlings started, but a fellow grower pointed out that unless you bring the flouro tubes within a few inches of your tiny plants, they cause the seedlings to stretch toward the light.

So now I position my incubation tray with the transparent plastic lid on the periphery of my 600W High Pressure Sodium light. I use a blue-spectrum Conversion Bulb for the seedlings and the vegging period.

The Blue Bulb is necessary, since it comes closest to emulating sunlight. During the veg period plants need more light at the blue end of the spectrum. When they start forming buds, however, I switch to a regular HPS bulb, which emits light on the red end of the spectrum.

The tray has to go on the periphery of the powerful light, since a full dose of 10,000 lumens would kill my seedlings.

Too much fert application at this point would do the same. A dip in Scorpion Juice and a mild solution of B-52 is all my tiny seedlings need at this point, along with pure water.

I keep my room temperature in the 70-80° range. Below or above that might be problematic for the miniscule plants. One year my heater broke and the night temp dropped down to below 55° F. Two seedlings didn’t survive the dip.

Came across 10 common sense tips on marijuana growing:

1.Don’t tell people you’re growing pot
2. Keep everything clean.
3. Grow from quality seeds.
4. Use a proven grow medium and method.
5. Do not over water (or use the wrong pH).
6. Do not over fertilize.
7. Provide the proper growing environment (temp, humidity, lighting, etc.)
8. Good sanitation, disposal of plant debris.
9. Don’t harvest too early.
10. Don’t rip-off anybody, including the electric company.

To this I would definitely add:

11. Make sure you get your plant food from Advanced Nutrients.

I am in the process of drying 31 huge buds that I harvested after using
Connoisseur A & B, AN’s top performing, super premium fertilizer. The last supply of colossal buds is the source of our daily solace. It is the purest, most fragrant, best tasting smoke Claire and I ever had!

In addition to the super base fert (
Connoisseur is to be used during the bloom phase only) I use Sensi Grow A & B, Mother Earth Super Tea Grow, B-52, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Seaweed Extract, Sensi Zym, Piranha, Tarantula, Voodoo Juice, along with Barricade during grow.

I also spray with Scorpion Juice one week, and
Colossal Bud Blast the next. I prefer to administer both of these products through the leaves, all through the grow and the bloom cycles.

Bloom brings out the big guns! In addition to Connoisseur A & B, I use
Bud Blood during week 1, Big Bud during weks 2, 3, and 4, and Overdrive during weeks 5 & 6. I’m thinking of ordering the new bloom booster from AN, called Nirvana. I also use Carbo Load Powder and Sweet Leaf, as well as Final Phase at the end of the bloom cycle.

These products provide by far the best nutritional package for my plants available anywhere on the planet. I’ve talked to growers who’ve used ferts and supplements from other companies, but when I show them my buds, they all want to switch to
Advanced Nutrients.

So definitely, heeding the first 10 tips is great, but without step 11 you could still be growing inferior grade medicinal marijuana. And when it comes to my medicine, I want nothing but the best, for me and Claire both.

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