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Friday, August 17, 2007

Swollen Calyxes, Fertilizer Royalty, Clear-Headed Trichomes

We’re about to harvest 32 huge buds from six female cannabis plants that were fed with the best possible premium fertilizer throughout their bloom phase. I’m talking about Connoisseur, A & B, the magic potion that is worth its weight in gold.

It not only fattened up my buds and plants for the harvest, but also ensured that the bouquet and taste of my medpot plants will be so outstanding, that comparisons with ten-course gourmet meals in five-star hotels come to mind.

Granted, the other ingredients in our nutrient brew also contributed to the humungous size of our buds. We used the recommended bloom enhancers, Bud Blood, Big Bud, and Overdrive. We also sprayed with Colossal Bud Blast, during veg, as well as bloom.

Advanced Nutrients is dedicated to providing the best possible nourishment for plants. And when it came to designing Connoisseur, they threw away any financial concerns and assembled the ultimate diet for flowering plants.

The amino acids and amino chelated micronutrients in Connoisseur are complemented by two forms of Calcium, two forms of Potassium, as well as Cobalt Proteinate, Sodium Borate, and Sodium Molybdate. Some of these ingredients are very costly, and thus the premium price of this product.

However, the coup de grace seems to be the Polyamino Alcohols in Connoisseur. These penetrate the cell walls of plants, making them elastic in the process. What this means is that the plant is able to store more sugars and carbohydrates in each cell.

This storehouse of energy is called upon during flower formation and accounts for the swelling calyxes as soon as the plant absorbs this ultra premium fert. All the buds on my six ladies experienced this, and the swelling continued throughout the eight weeks of bloom.

When to harvest? Are they ready? How to tell exactly? There are as many answers to these questions as there are growers. The general rule is, you may harvest when your buds are fully ripe. This usually takes place around eight weeks after you’ve switched to 12/12.

Last week I flushed with Final Phase, and ever since then my ladies have been drinking nothing but pure water. Other growers have said that using Connoisseur usually delays the harvest by a few days, and that’s been my experience also.

So I’m extremely cautious not to harvest too early. I examine the trichomes on my buds with a hand-held lens frequently. Claire says I do it almost hourly, but that’s an exaggeration.

Early harvest marijuana is supposed to give you a head high, late harvest weed is associated with a body high. I’m a firm believer in balance between those two extremes, so I want to harvest my buds just in the middle.

Usually, there is a two-week opportunity to harvest your buds. If you leave it too long, you’ll lose potency. Harvesting too early means that you’re short-changing yourself, when you could have gotten better medicine.

I broke off a tiny piece of one of the buds and dried it in the sun. The aroma, bouquet, flavor are outstanding. The potency is almost there, but not quite. I figure three more days and bingo!

They say that sativas take longer to mature indoors and generally speaking they provide more of a cerebral high. Indicas mature quicker and give you a body high. I’m growing a sativa-indica hybrid, so I’m looking for the middle ground, even there.

The knobs at the end of your tallest trichomes should be clear. The more trichomes you have the more potent your bud will be. The calyxes, or clusters of tiny flowers, should be densely packed and “dripping with resin,” as the saying goes.

Swollen calyxes indicate maturity. The swelling starts at the base of the bud and works its way up to the youngest flowers at the tip. When your buds are fully ripe, ninety percent of the calyxes should be so swollen, that you’d swear they have seeds in them, even though you’re growing sinsemilla, or unfertilized, virgin females.

My buds aren’t quite there yet, but soon. As I’m examining the fruits of my labor, I reflect on all the nutrients, additives, supplements, root colonizers, and bloom boosters that have helped to bring my ladies to this point.

Sensi Grow A & B, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Seaweed Extract, B-52, Barricade, SensiZym, Scorpion Juice, Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice, etc. all had their roles to play in producing these magnificent buds, but the crown belongs to Connoisseur A & B, a product that is fertilizer royalty in my books.

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