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Friday, August 31, 2007

It All Starts with That Miracle of Nature--the Seed

In previous postings, I explained why I don’t grow from clones. As a medpot grower, I am restricted by the laws of the State I live in to growing six mature plants at a time.

If I were to have a Mother Plant and cut clones from it, I would need to have two separate grow rooms and probably end up with growing more than six plants at any one time.

So my cannabis experience starts with seeds. Seeds are truly magic—they contain the future harvest, all in a tiny sphere. My powerful plants would not exist without seeds.

As you know, I grow six sinsemilla plants each time, which means that my plants are unfertilized, virgin females. They do not produce seeds. So the problem arises, where to obtain the seeds for my next grow and bloom cycles?

If you punched up “marijuana seed banks” on Google three years ago, you’d get maybe 300,000 websites. Today, the search for the same leads to 1.2 million destinations.

I don’t mean to suggest that there are 1.2 million seed banks world-wide—far from it. But the topic has definitely increased in popularity in the past three years, since now you have over a million websites discussing it.

The Greenman’s page used to be the only reliable source rating seed banks on the web. Now there are quite a few websites devoted to rating seed banks. A visit to one of these is a good start.

How do you find them? Just enter “marijuana seed banks” into your search engine, and if it’s as good as Google, it will instantaneously come up with all these very educational sites that you can spend the entire day exploring.

A word of caution—Marc Emery was busted for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet, so just be aware that the feds are watching. It is a very good idea to set up a neutral e-mail account under a different name when you first approach a seed bank.

You can always play it safe and go with the huge, reputable ones. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, with over 40 different strains to choose from, immediately comes to mind. Worldwide same day delivery, online order tracking, credit card acceptance, currency converter, it’s all there.

At this seed bank, be prepared to spend 55 Euros for 10 seeds. Other seed banks charge much more, up to several hundred U.S. dollars for the package of ten.

The credit card entry is usually non-descript, but still traceable. Other seed banks accept cash, postal money orders, or bank drafts. Don’t know of any that accept personal checks.

If you don’t’ want to take a chance on having your seeds mailed to you, get to know the medpot community in your area. Word of mouth is a great source of seeds. Perhaps there is a breeder who sells seeds an hour’s drive from where you live. It’s worth checking out.

If you’re lucky enough to have a compassion club in your municipality, they would be the ones to approach for advice. Or find friends who let their pot go to seed.

Look on each seed as you would on a child. Given the proper attention and nourishment, it will grow up proud and productive. Served a bad diet and ignored most of the time, it will perform poorly.

As I germinate my fifteen seeds (I’m growing a sativa-indica hybrid) I make sure that I have enough Sensi Grow A & B on hand to provide the basic macro and micronutrients during their grow phase. (Through sex selection, my fifteen will eventually be reduced to six females).

I also check the Advanced Nutrients Nutrient Calculator, to make sure that I have all the ingredients for a potent nutrient solution for each week of the life of my plants.

Enter the Sensi Two-Part as your base fert and it will suggest 12 different products to mix into your nutrient solution. Scorpion Juice has been recently added for recommended root zone application.

This versatile product imparts induced systemic resistance to cannabis plants. You have your choice of applying it as a foliar spray or as part of your nutrient solution, or both.

The three beneficials, Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice, colonize your roots with live fungi, bacteria, and microbes. Helpful ones, which in turn ward off or kill harmful ones.

Mother Earth Super Tea Grow gives an organic touch to your synthetic base nutes, as do Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, which are derived from a calcified, organic substance known as “leonardite.”

The potassium silicate in Barricade thickens the cell walls of your plants, making them impenetrable to a number of parasitical organisms or even insects. B-52, an excellent B-complex vitamin supplement, relieves the stresses that most plants go through due to temperature fluctuations, drying out between waterings, or improper humidity.

These details become unimportant if you start with unhealthy seeds. Most reputable seed banks sell only certified, disease-free seeds.

A soaking in Scorpion Juice can prevent damping off and other seedling ailments. But these measures are in no way substitutes for starting out with the best seeds money can buy.

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