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Friday, August 03, 2007

Cooking in the Heat, Considering A/C

August came in like an oven around here. The upholstery in my car burns the back of my legs every time I start driving. I’m wearing shorts these days—couldn’t tolerate my usual getup of jeans.

My ladies are suffering too. I bring in buckets of ice to put in front of the cooling fans and I place frozen bottles of water in my reservoir. I can barely keep the temp in the room down to 85° F and I’m not using my CO2 burner. If the mercury climbs to 90° F in the room, my plants are in deep doodoo.

Been looking around for an affordable air conditioning system, but I’m beginning to think that’s an oxymoron. Prices start at mid-four figures and go up from there. Claire offered to get a part-time job in order to help pay for it. We’re both legal medpot patients, and she values her medicine.

York, one of the biggest manufacturers of air conditioning systems world-wide, offers Residential Split System Central Air Conditioning that keeps your entire house cool in the heat of summer, and it also lowers humidity levels. The price-tag made me blanche (and I don’t blanche easily).

This one hooks up to your furnace and includes a compressor, a fan, a condenser coil, and a refrigerant. It removes the heat from the indoor air and transfers it outside, then re-circulates the cold indoor air.

It’s got a massive outdoor section, which is the condenser unit, and this is hooked up to your indoor oil or gas furnace that has an air handler. Ductwork carries the cool air all throughout your home.

I think we’ll have to buy a standalone water or air-cooled unit just for our grow room. This we possibly could afford. So our marijuana plants will be nice and cool all summer, w8hile we sweat and suffer. Such is life…

A two-ton water-cooled unit would cost less than three thousand and the fan in the unit would circulate the air in our grow room at the rate of 800 cfm (cubic feet per minute).

Since the room is 10’x10’x8’, it measures 800 cu feet. This is just a happy coincidence. So the unit would completely circulate the air in the room every single minute.

Water-cooled units are better for security, since they don’t have to be vented to the outside, like air-cooled ones. I’m venting my grow room through an adjacent completely sealed closet, where an ozone generator removes every trace of cannabis odor from the air before it is driven by an exhaust fan outdoors.

As you know, I’m using Connoisseur A & B to feed my ladies during their bloom phase, so the aroma of the buds is exhilarating. This is week 6 of bloom, so we’re slowly reducing the amount of nutrients, in preparation for the final flush with Final Phase before harvest.

This week we’re only pouring in 1000 PPM into the mix, as opposed to 1400 PPM during week 4. That means 116.64 mL of both Connoisseur A and Connoisseur B, followed by 72 mL each of Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom, Humic Acid, and Fulvic Acid.

These last three Advanced Nutrients products are designed to establish an organic environment, even though I’m using a synthetic base fert. During the vegetative stage I used another synthetic, Sensi Grow A & B.

172.8 mL of B-52 goes into the nutrient mix, in order to help our plants cope with all the stresses that plants are prone to, be it drought, heat, excessive humidity, or pH fluctuation.

Each week, the night before I blend the entire nutrient mix, I pour in the appropriate amount of Barricade (this week that is 7.2 mL) into warm, almost hot water, and agitate the mixture forcefully. Barricade has a reputation for being hard to dissolve, so it’s best to do this on the previous night.

21.6 grams of Carbo Load powder go into the solution, in order to continue feeding the bud building cells all the sugars they need. In addition, I also mix in Sweet Leaf, which contains berry sugars and molasses, and is designed to enhance the aroma and the taste of our super colossal Connoisseur buds!

Lastly, 360 mL of SensiZym is followed by 144 mL of Overdrive. This is the last application of this bloom booster, which accelerates floral growth by infusing the plants with extra Phosphorus and Potassium, as well as natural hormones and catalytic agents that increase the girth, overall size, and weight of my buds.

Even though I’m using Connoisseur, there is no harm in trying to get a slightly better yield, is there?

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