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Friday, July 06, 2007

Starting Connoisseur, Using the Bloom Boosters

This is week 2 of bloom for my ladies, and I started mixing in Connoisseur A & B, instead of my regular fert, the Sensi Bloom Two-Part. Not because the Sensi Two-Part isn’t a great plant food—it’s just that Connoisseur is extra special!

Last week I still used Sensi Bloom A & B, since it was week 1 of bloom, and I cut back on the vegging time for my plants from 8 to 5 weeks. The Advanced Nutrients Medical tech guys told me that if you’re not sure about the maturity of your plants, you might want to start using Connoisseur the second week of bloom.

Also last week I added Bud Blood, which is a high-Phosphorus, high-Potassium product that sets the stage for bud production. Along with switching to 12/12, it signals the plant that it’s time to start producing flowers.

This week, I’m mixing in Big Bud Powder. This great AN product contains nineteen amino acids, including L-Cystine and L-Tryptophan. For those that flunked science, like I did, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.

Proteins are the heavy nutrition components that increase the weight, girth, and overall size of your buds. They will grow much faster and produce more resin, which ensures the THC content and thus the potency of your smoke.

Why do I need to use Big Bud, when I’m also using Connoisseur? The answer is you do not need to use it, but I used the two of them together last time, and I got 30 humungous buds out of it. For this reason I’m mixing in all three AN bloom boosters: Bud Blood, Big Bud, and Overdrive into the reservoir of my six-bucket ebb and flow hydro system.

You gotta be careful with these products. Never use them all at the same time. You’re only meant to use them in sequence. Bud Blood during week 1; Big Bud during weeks 2,3, and 4. Then Overdrive during weeks 5 & 6.

Connoisseur A & B contains amino acids as well, but the secret ingredients in this premium fert are the amino chelated micronutrients and the polyamino alcohols. They are blended according to a proprietary formula that ensures large bloom size and high quality.

The alcohols in this product make the walls of your cannabis cells elastic, so they can hold more carbohydrates. These sugars are utilized by the plant during bud production. The last time around the calyxes of my buds started swelling a few days after my first application of Connoisseur. They didn’t stop swelling until harvest time!

I noticed on the AN Medical Marijuana Forum that some growers objected to the smell of Connoisseur. “Smells like Old Spice,” someone posted. I happen to like the smell of this super fert. But then again, I still use Old Spice deodorant, so I might be biased, LOL.

When I asked the AN tech guys about this, they said that you might say it smells like the leather in a new Porsche convertible, or a fine Cuban cigar with a snifter of brandy close by. In other words, the scent of the product reflects its status as the Rolls Royce of plant foods. However, they added, the scent of Connoisseur will not imprint on the fragrance of your buds.

I can attest to that. My buds started smelling heavenly shortly after I introduced them to Connoisseur. The scent was such a strong unmistakeable cannabis fragrance, that I had to supplement my carbon filtration of the exhaust fan with an ozone generator in an adjacent space, before venting the exhaust to the outside.

Another vital ingredient in my nutrient mix at this time is Carbo Load Powder, which does much the same thing as Carbo Load Liquid, but costs less. It loads up my ladies with carbohydrates, sugars that are called upon for bud production. This is the substance that fills all those elasticized cells.

The last time I used Connoisseur I used medium to heavy feeding and my cannabis plants experiences some tip burn. I was advised to cut back on the feeding regimen immediately. Since then, I’ve used just plain medium feeding, and the parts per million of solids in my nutrient mix were better suited to the particular strain that I’m growing.

The AN Medical tech guys said that each strain is different. If you start off with medium to heavy or just heavy feeding and tip burn occurs, just cut back to the next level and the plants will once again receive the amount of nourishment that is just right for them.

In case you’re wondering how you determine these levels of feeding, just punch up the handy Nutrient Calculator on the AN website and select Connoisseur A & B as your fert. Once you enter the size of your res, you must choose among five options. Plus Program Bloom Light Feeding, Moderately Light Feeding, Medium Feeding, Moderately Heavy Feeding, and Heavy Feeding.

You should fine tune your feeding regimen to suit the particular strain of cannabis that you’re growing. Also, the size of your plants is a factor in determining how much food they need. Learn to observe your plants and listen to them. If you know how to read the signals, they’ll tell you if the feeding leaves them hungry or if conversely, you’re overfeeding them.

Even though Connoisseur helped my buds smell somewhere in the celestial sphere the last time, I still use Sweet Leaf, an organic supplement that is designed to enhance the aroma and flavor of your buds. It contains berry sugars and molasses, along with many other ingredients that stimulate the production of essential oils. These in turn account for the bouquet and taste of your cannabis smoke.

Is it overkill to use Sweet Leaf on top of Connoisseur and Carbo Load? I don’t think so. Claire and I can personally attest to the quality of the smoke that we now enjoy in our daily dose of medicine, thanks to these three Advanced Nutrients Medical products.

They are meant to complement each other. The carbohydrates in Carbo Load are like building blocks for buds. The sugars in Sweet Leaf are there to make the smoke smell and taste better. Connoisseur is a broad-spectrum plant food that can either be used as a standalone source of nourishment, or in tandem with the many other products offered by AN.

If your main course is of gourmet quality in an exclusive restaurant, you might still want to order an appetizer, along with one or more side dishes, to enhance your dining experience.

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