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Friday, July 27, 2007

Sinsemilla Take Longer? It's Worth the Wait

A close friend asked me the other day, that if I can shorten the veg stage of my six ladies to four or five weeks, why can’t I shorten the flowering stage, as well? This got me thinking and prompted me to search for an answer.

According to Robert Connell Clarke, a leading authority on growing cannabis, most strains of marijuana require a change in photoperiod, in order to be induced into flowering. However, some varieties exist that can flower no matter how many hours of daylight they receive.

It’s the famous 12 hours of darkness that prompts most strains to flower. It has to be completely dark (no, you can’t put on a light “just for a minute” to check something). The only illumination that doesn’t seem to disturb the flowering process is light in the green part of the spectrum.

Most cheap green bulbs you buy are painted green, so it’s best to find one made of green tinted glass, which gives off truly green light. You might pay more for such a bulb, but isn’t your crop worth it?

Anyway, according to Clarke, given 10 hours per day of light, a certain strain of cannabis may take 10 days to flower, while if the plant is exposed to 16 hours of daylight per day, it may take 90 days to flower.

That being said, sinsemilla plants (unfertilized virgin females) take longer to reach their optimum harvest point than do seed producing plants. Some may even take longer than 8 weeks.

I’ve noticed on some medicinal marijuana forums that growers using Connoisseur were asking why it takes longer to harvest with this super premium fert from Advanced Nutrients. I’ve noticed myself that my ladies took an extra three days to reach optimum maturity.

Am I complaining? Never! My six plants provided Claire and I with 30 colossal buds that we are enjoying immensely, during our daily dose of therapeutic cannabis smoke. Now that I know that sinsemilla do take longer, even without Connoisseur, I can rest easy.

It’s week 5 of bloom for my ladies (I always call them ladies, not girls, as some other growers do). I figure if I show them the proper respect, they’ll continue to supply us with potent medicine currently unavailable through normal medical channels.

Oh, sure, Marinol is available by prescription, but it contains only concentrated THC and not the numerous other cannabinoids that could be equally important in determining the quality and potency of the ingested drug.

While during week 4 the Nutrient Calculator called for 1400 PPM of dissolved solids in my nutrient solution, during week 5 we’re going back down again, only putting in 1200 PPM (Plus Program Bloom—Moderately Light Feeding).

In addition to 139.68 mL of Connoisseur A and the same amount of Connoisseur B, week 5 calls for 86.4 mL each of Mother Earth Blended Super Tea Bloom, Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid, and her Fulvic Acid, in my 72 Liter reservoir.

Mother Earth Super Tea is a 100% organic supplement to the Advanced Nutrients line of synthetic fertilizers. Organic ferts impart a superlative bouquet and flavor to cannabis buds.

Super Tea is designed to complement any synthetic plant food with alfalfa extract, canola, fish, crab, and shrimp meal, as well as citric acid, earthworm castings, and sea kelp.

Kelp contains the natural hormones called cytokinins, gibberlins, and auxins. These aid in the movement of nutrients throughout the plant, as well as cell division and general growth stimulation.

Coupled with the polyamino alcohols in Connoisseur, these natural hormones ensure that the fast growing buds on my sinsemilla ladies are well nourished by the carbohydrates stored in the leaves and other parts of the plants.

I also mix in 25.92 grams of Carbo Load Powder, to further boost the sugar content of the stored up food, along with 172.8 mL of Overdrive, which is a bloom stimulant. The calyxes of the ever larger buds are already swollen, but these two products will help then to swell even more (as will the Connoisseur!).

This is followed by 216 mL of B-52, a B-complex Vitamin designed to promote plant health and to combat plant stress; 8.64 mL of Barricade to strengthen cell walls and ward off pests and pathogens; and 432 mL of SensiZym, to cleanse my grow medium of plant debris and turn what debris there is into easily absorbable nutrients.

These three products round out the nutrient cocktail that I pour from my pre-mix tank into my reservoir, to take care of the nourishment needs of my ladies for the week.

Each day I top up my reservoir with pure water. I mark the levels to keep track of how much my ladies are drinking. Diluting the mixture with water is no problem, since the important number is the total quantity of the nutrients that the plants absorb for the week.

I make sure that the pH of my reservoir stays close to the desired 5.6, but I don’t get upset if there is fluctuation. If the solution becomes way too acidic or extremely alkaline, I can always use pH Up or pH Down in order to make a coreection.

And if my plants take a bit longer than 8 weeks to produce the prize-winning buds that they’re capable of with my Advanced Nutrients diet, I won’t fret. I’ll just be grateful for the superior yield.

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