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Friday, June 29, 2007

My MySpace Page is Up and Running, Switching to Bloom Early

Well, I’ve finally done it! I set up a MySpace page! Please visit the page and hopefully leave a comment with regard to what you find there. Marc Emery inspired me to do this. He’s had a page on there for quite some time now and managed to accumulate over six thousand friends and supporters.

I’m ashamed to admit that my government is seeking extradition of Emery from Canada to the U.S. His crime? Selling cannabis seeds over the Internet. We should all speak up for him, since if it is a crime to disseminate the seeds of a plant that has been used in healing for centuries, then what else will our brain-dead politicians classify as a crime?

How about the case of the black teenager in the U.S. south who was sentenced to ten years in prison for having consensual oral sex with his teenage girlfriend? If he were to have had intercourse with her, it would have been a misdemeanor. As it is, he committed a felony. Scary!

I just had an e-mail exchange with an old friend about the healing properties of marijuana. Although he admits that it seems to help people undergoing chemotherapy to overcome their nausea (tell me about it!), he doesn’t think that cannabis is truly a healing herb.

When questioned further, he admitted that he used to smoke it when he was young, but he only got paranoid and never really enjoyed it. I admit that at times paranoia has raised its ugly head, even in my smoking experiences, but the overall therapeutic effects of marijuana cannot be denied.

Visit an astute encapsulation of using marijuana wisely, at the Advanced Nutrients Medical website. The article makes it clear that for people with a family history of mental illness or who are prone to paranoia to begin with, cannabis might not be the panacea they are seeking.

There are many paths to healing, and this one is not right for everybody. A simple aspirin can have adverse effects on some people (children can get Reye’s Syndrome from aspirin, which is why Tylenol became so popular).

However, hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from the healing energies of this sacred plant. Willie Nelson was quoted in the paper as saying that the greatest killer in today’s society is stress. Few can deny that ingesting THC and the other healing cannabinoids is a major stress reliever!

If it weren’t for the Draconian drug laws of various governments around the world, I firmly believe that “weed paranoia” would diminish to a negligible level. Even us, perfectly legal medpot patients, are wary of Uncle Sam knocking on our doors after we’ve enjoyed some of our medicine.

After reading a comment on a medpot forum, I had a long talk with the tech advisor at Advanced Nutrients. He confirmed what the postings on the forum were saying. There is no need to allow your plants to veg for a full eight weeks in order to get a whole bunch of mature buds.

Several postings ago, I made a case for the full eight-week vegging period, arguing that you need to let your plants reach maturity prior to forcing them into flower with the 12/12 regimen. An article on the Green Man’s page confirmed my position.

The very knowledgeable AN tech guy, however, argued that not all articles posted on the web are accurate. He said that allowing a full eight weeks of vegging might cause your plants to grow too tall for the average grow space. “The taller the plant is, the more energy it spends transporting nutrients to its top branches, “ is how he put it.

It is better to put that energy into bud production. So switching to 12/12 after six weeks of vegging is not only permissible, but preferable. In fact, most plants are mature enough at four weeks to start producing buds.

Who knew? So this is week 6 of vegging for my six ladies, and I’ve adjusted my lighting regimen and mixed in Sensi Bloom A & B instead of Sensi Grow, as well as Bud Blood to kick start the flowering process with its abundance of Phosphorus and Potassium.

So instead of it being week 6 of vegging, this becomes week 1 of bloom. I’ll start Connoisseur A & B next week, since I have to pick up a new supply at my garden shop. According to the tech guy, you can either start this premium bloom fert during week 1 or week 2 or even week 3 of flowering.

Last time I started to use it during week 3 with excellent results. I harvested 30 humungous buds that have the potency and the heavenly taste to please even the most discriminating marijuana aficionado.

One of the great things about Connoisseur is that you can use all your regular supplements, additives, and root colonizers the same as with your regular base fert. Remember, it’s only meant to be used during bloom, so you’ll have to use your regular fert for vegging.

Grandma Enggy’s Humic and Fulvic Acid, to create an organic “fertile soil” habitat in a hydroponic setting; B-52 to boost your precious plants with the growth enhancing and stress-relieving qualities of B-complex Vitamins; Barricade, to supply potassium silicate, a proven way to protect against harmful pests and pathogens; and SensiZym, an AN product containing over eighty bioactive enzymes that ingest plant debris in your grow medium, turning it into easily absorbable nutrients for your plants—are all important ingredients in my weekly mix of nutrients.

In the beginning of the bloom cycle, I also mix in the appropriate amounts of Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice. These products contain beneficial microbes that strengthen the roots, fight off harmful pests and pathogens, and also aid the absorption of nutrients by the root systems of my cannabis plants.

By clicking on the ever-handy Nutrient Calculator, then setting it to Connoisseur A & B and fixing the size of your reservoir (mine is 72 Liters), you’ll get exact figures of how much of each suggested ingredient to include in your nutrient mix. Feel free to experiment and add other great AN products that are not listed on the Nute Calc. Call the tech guys if you need advice.

Remember to flush your system between each new batch of nutrient solution. Check your reservoir level daily, and top up with fresh water. I’ve had a filter installed on my intake water pipe. Unless your tap water is pure, that might be a good idea for you, as well.

And, oh yes, try Connoisseur. You’ll be glad you did!

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