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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ancient Medicine meets Modern Needs

I picked up the June issue of “High Times” at a friend’s place and read a very interesting article. The writer journeyed to a far-flung corner of Asia in order to find the possible source, nay the Mother Lode, where cannabis first began.

On the slopes of the Altai Mountains, in China—near Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia—he found a small village where pot grows freely producing sweet smelling buds. They’re not as potent as hydro grown, cultivated weed, but the locals enjoy smoking them, despite China’s harsh penalties for drug involvement.

The writer cites Herodotus, a Roman historian, talking about how the original inhabitants of the area, the Scythians used to throw seeds onto hot stones under a felt cover and rejoice when they inhaled the smoke. Today, the area is inhabited by the Uyghur people, a semi-nomadic Turkic tribe with a very interesting history.

Coincidentally, their knowledge of ancient medicine and medicinal herbs is renowned. Some scholars believe that it was the Uyghurs who invented acupuncture, not the Chinese. It’s almost certain that medpot was one of those 103 herbs that the Uyghurs had in their traditional medicinal pouch.

Unfortunately, our medicine does not grow openly by the side of the road. We have to work hard to produce our magic elixir, the herb that helps heal Claire’s migraine headaches and used to relieve my nausea when I was undergoing chemotherapy.

The 30 huge Connoisseur buds in the oversized glass jars are curing properly. I still take the lids off the jars every single day in order to allow the buds to breathe. Claire and I have had several healing sessions with this superb marijuana, and she is most pleased that the quality of our medicine has improved to such magnificent heights.

This is week 3 of vegging for the new batch, so I’m following the Nutrient Calculator to make sure that my reservoir contains a well-balanced meal for the young ones. Some growers wait until their plants start the bloom cycle before they make their final selection between male and female marijuana plants.

I generally know much sooner than that. There are telltale sings that you learn to pick up on with time and experience. Male cannabis plants are usually taller than female plants, with thick stems, only occasional branches, and less foliage. Female plants are much bushier, with branches close together on the stem. They have many more leaves than male plants.

However, the third week of vegging is still a bit premature for the selection. I can wait. Right now I have fifteen intermediary pots clustered under my 600W HPS light (with a conversion bulb on the blue spectrum) and the light is far enough above the canopy that it is no longer a danger to my plants.

Weel 3 of vegging calls for 136.08 mL of both Sensi Grow A and Sensi Grow B. The reason that it is a two-part is that if you mixed these ingredients prematurely, they would lose their potency. However, freshly mixed in your tank and absorbed by the roots of your plants, this is an extremely well-designed fert (specifically for cannabis) that guarantees a bountiful harvest, each and every time.

I count 26 different macro and micro-nutrients that go into Sensi Grow in specific quantities and ratios aimed at the vegetative growth of my plants. In addition to the phosphates, and the nitrates, and the Potassium, the array of easily absorbable micronutrients in this product is staggering.

On top of the Calcium, Magnesium, and Urea, Sensi Grow A & B has Boron, Cobalt, Copper, Molybdenum, and Zinc. And not just in one form, but usually several forms to make it easier for different parts of the plant to utilize these trace elements.

Mother Earth Blended Super Tea Grow, of which I have to mix in 152.64 mL during week 3, is designed to soften the synthetic impact of Sensi Grow and enhance it with that organic touch. Fish Meal, Crab Meal, Shrimp Meal, and Canola Meal figure prominently in this product, along with Alfalfa Extract, Earthworm Castings, Citric Acid, and Sea Kelp.

I never shared with anyone how I beat Cancer, but one herbal remedy that sure worked for me was Seaweed Extract. A herbalist recommended that I flush my system with a green powder mixed in water several times a month. I did, and not only did it make me feel better but it helped purify my system and force the cancer cells into submission. That and medpot, of course.

The Sea Kelp in the Mother Earth Tea probably does similar things for my cannabis plants. It’s super nutrition and also a super cleanser. It contains “betaines” which are a class of compound that enhance cell membrane functions and increase the cell’s adaptability to stress.

The betaines are chelated, along with humates, when the “hot” extraction of seaweed extract takes place, during the manufacture of Mother Earth Super Tea Grow. Anything that makes my plants more adaptable to stress is alright with me!

Humates are highly compressed remnants of tropical rain forests that existed millions of years ago in the south-western part of North America. They are a purely organic, humus-like substance in a highly concentrated form. Through the process of chelation, the minerals and trace elements contained in humates are readily made available to my cannabis plants, through Mother Earth Super Tea Grow.

Of course Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid is related to humates, even though it is derived from a different substance known as “leonardite,” which is also calcified organic material. Highly compressed.

By including “humates” and “humic acid” in its products, Advanced Nutrients illustrates a thorough knowledge of the most recent advances in horticulture which indicate that through the use of these organic substances bigger, healthier, and better plants can be grown.

During week 3, I am adding 80.64 mL of Humic Acid, as well as the same amount of Fulvic Acid. These two ingredients in my ebb and flow hydro reservoir mimic a rich, black, humus-like soil environment. Our ancestors grew all their vegetables in just such a soil.

The ancient meets the modern. Uyghur medicine is tomorrow’s medicine. It’s only a matter of time, before humankind wakes up to the fact that these healing herbs were put here for our benefit and that outlawing them is the heights of insanity.

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