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Thursday, March 29, 2007

How I became a connoisseur of Connoisseur

This is week three of my bloom cycle, but instead of adding my usual mix of Sensi Bloom A & B, I decided to flush my system and add a brand new super fertilizer that was just introduced by Advanced Nutrients. Here’s how it all came about.

I noticed that I was low on B-52, Barricade, and Final Phase, so I went to my local garden shop to replenish my supplies. The owner knows me so as I was browsing their collection of fans and ducts, he approached me and asked—“How would you like to be part of an experiment?”

I never say yes to anything, until I know the details, so he filled me in. Advanced Nutrients has just launched a brand new product called Connoisseur, a two-part liquid bloom phase premium fertilizer that is aimed at the high end of the market. In fact, it sells for three times the price of their normal ferts.

I told the owner that my free-lance income isn’t what it used to be, and that as much as I admire all Advanced Nutrients products, I simply could not afford this. He said no worries, the company will let me have the product for free, provided I supply them with the expected phenomenal results, including photographs.

“What about the other ingredients in my nutrient solution?” I asked. You can still mix everything you were using before with Sensi Bloom A & B, but you have to check their Nutrient Calculator to figure out how much Connoisseur A and Connoisseur B to add each week.

“You mean I can still use my root colonizers, vitamins, and bloom boosters, the same as before?” I asked. “Yes. Definitely. Check their website to figure out the exact amounts of each ingredient. “This is week 3 of my bloom cycle. Can I switch in midstream?” “I don’t see why not,” was the reply.

So he gave me a generous supply of this brand new ultra-premium bloom phase cannabis food and I came home real excited. I had a talk with my ladies and told them that I had a special surprise for them.

They’re becoming the beneficiaries of painstaking research that was conducted by the plant scientists at Advanced Nutrients, in order to find the perfect formula of high-priced, superb quality ingredients in order to produce the world’s thickest, heaviest, most potent, and best tasting marijuana medicine possible.

I sat down at my computer and checked out Advancedpedia for Connoisseur Part A & B. The listed ingredients for this miracle product include Amino Chelated Boron, Amino Chelated Calcium, Amino Chelated Cobalt, Amino Chelated Copper, Amino Chelated Iron, Amino Chelated Magnesium, Amino Chelated Manganese, and Amino Chelated Zinc. In addition to Amino Acids, Potassium Nitrate, and other ingredients mixed according to a highly secret formula, this product aimed at the discriminating grower also has Polyamino Alcohols for that extra boost.

It has already been tested in hundreds of hydroponic gardens and is now coming to mine. Usually you would start using it the week after your plants are initiated into flowering by Bud Blood. But starting at week 3 is only one week removed from the suggested starting time.

The Advanced Nutrients plant scientists were given carte blanche where the price of ingredients for Connoisseur was concerned. They had a mandate to produce the finest, most powerful bloom phase plant food on the market, and I’m looking forward to trying out this Stradivarius of fertilizers.

Next, I checked the Nutrient Calculator and found that in my 72 Liter reservoir I have to mix 163.44 mL of Connoisseur A and the same amount of Connoisseur B during week 3 of flowering, along with 100.8 mL of Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom, the same quantity of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, 302.4 mL of B-52, 10.8 mL of Barricade, and 30.24 grams of Carbo Load Powder.

In addition, I will add 504 mL of SensiZym and 30.24 grams of Big Bud powder. The other root colonizers were added during week 1 and 2 of flowering, it will not be necessary to add them again for the rest of the bloom phase. The beneficial fungi, bacteria, and microbes will continue to do their work on their own.

The suggested parts per million (ppm) during medium feeding in week 3 is 1400 ppm, the EC is 2. So I’m setting my CO2 generator at 1400 ppm, as well. Connoisseur A & B is designed to be applied to your cannabis roots via hydroponic irrigation. The pH of your nutrient solution should be 5.6.

It is advised not to mix the concentrated ingredients. Always add Part A first to your premix tank or reservoir, then add part B. Part A has an NPK of 4.9-0-3.6, while the NPK of part B is 1.8-5.1-6.4. The combined NPK of Connoisseur is 6.7-5.1-10.0, which means that it’s high in Potassium.

The owners of Advanced Nutrients Medical are so confident that Connoisseur will live up to all expectations, that they’ve put their names to a 100% money-back guarantee if a customer is dissatisfied for any reason.

Not for the faint of heart, Connoisseur is aimed at growers who don’t mind and can afford to pay a premium price for the very best. There will always be people who spend their entire lives eating at fast food joints. Then there are those select few who read the Michelin guide and pick their five star restaurants with care.

If you can’t afford gourmet food for your cannabis plants, stick with the lesser priced Advanced Nutrients products that do an excellent job. However, if you take pride in using the very best, give this new product a try. If what they say is true, then you’ll be rewarded with the highest yields and the most superb quality possible.

In addition to the secret formula that boosts the size, weight, and potency of your buds, Connoisseur A & B also triggers the cannabis plant’s own mechanism that makes it resistant to disease. According to the entry in Advancedpedia, the cell walls of the larger than normal floral growth generated by this miracle product, will ward off pathogens and sucking insects.

I look forward to my ladies enjoying this change in their diet and seeing them thrive as never before. I’ll report back each week as to how they’re doing.

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