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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bloom Boosters change PPM of Reservoir

I’m on weeks five and six of the bloom cycle, so I’m adding Overdrive to my ladies’ reservoir. Weeks two, three, and four I was adding Big Bud Powder, which is very economical to use, and contains 19 amino acids that act as building blocks for the flowering sites on my cannabis plants.

Bud Blood, which was given during week 1 of flowering, helps initiate the flowering process. Big Bud confirms the location of the flowers and delivers the amino acids that are converted into proteins and alkaloids in order to provide the energy boost needed for flowering. Then Overdrive clinches the process by helping with girth, weight, and taste development.

These three Advanced Nutrients Medical bloom boosters cannot be given at the same time—only in sequence. Were a grower foolish enough to mix them into his reservoir all at the same time his cannabis plants would be fried to a crisp, according to the tech guys at Advanced Nutrients Medical.

The plant scientists at that company have figured out the exact parts per million (ppm) that results when these bloom enhancers are added to the mix on top of all the other ingredients that their Nutrient Calculator suggests for the flowering cycle.

As you know, my basic fert is the classic, cannabis-specific 2-part, Sensi Grow A&B and Sensi Bloom A&B. The size of my reservoir is 72 Litres. I’m more comfortable using Metric, the international standard, rather than the Imperial measurements, which I find confusing.

During week 1 of flowering, while adding Bud Blood to the mix, my ppm was 1000. Weeks 2, 3, and 4 saw me adding 27.36, 33.12, and 38.88 grams of Big Bud Powder respectively, raising the total ppm of my mixture from 1268, to 1533, to a peak of 1800ppm during those three weeks.

Then comes now, weeks 5 and 6, time to add 230.4 mL and 201.6 mL of Overdrive, to reduce the ppm first to 1600, then to 1400. Literally nothing is added to the reservoir during week 7, only 180 mL of Final Phase, bringing the ppm down to 300.

During the flowering stage, in addition to my basic fert and the bloom boosters, Advanced Nutrients Medical recommends adding Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, B-52, Barricade, Carbo Load Powder, Sensi Zym, Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice. Consult the Nutrient Calculator for exact quantities.

In addition to Potassium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium, Overdrive also contains Ascorbic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and Folic Acid. I remember when Claire was pregnant with Squirrel—the doctor urged her to take Folic Acid regularly. That’s because it plays a major role in cell division and is an essential ingredient in healthy reproduction.

Don’t forget that flower formation is basically just one step in fruit and seed production—the cannabis plant’s reproductive cycle. We choose not to allow male pollen to fertilize the buds that our ladies produce, since in most cases we do not want them to go to seed.

We must also remember that by going to a lighting regimen of 12-hours of light, followed by 12 hours of total darkness, we are cutting back on the amount of light available for photosynthesis. The production of carbohydrates (sugars) is thus curtailed, even though these energy sources are needed more than ever during the flowering stage.

So we add Carbo Load Powder all throughout the flowering cycle, in order to replenish the energy required to form the desirable large buds we all crave. Ascorbic Acid and Folic Acid are essential to enable the plant to go into overdrive with the photosynthesis process and produce adequate energy to reproduce or attempt to reproduce.

In addition, Fulvic Acid is necessary to provide a “molecular tonic” at this time to aid in the transportation of sugars and other nutrients throughout the plant, provide chelation, and enable bio-reactivity in my six cannabis ladies.

Used in sequence, the three bloom enhancers result in large fragrant buds, abundant resin production, and a higher THC content, or Advanced Nutrients Medical will give you your money back.

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