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Friday, November 03, 2006

Goodbye Pouches, Hello Two-Part Fert

I had hardly started my EPN SensiPro regimen, when I had a heart to heart talk with my Advanced Nutrients Medical technical guy. He told me that EPN SensiPro was developed for therapeutic cannabis patients who had difficulty with handling large containers of liquid fertilizer. So the ease of operation was built into the system, where all you need is a pair of scissors to cut open the pouch, pre-measured for you and your plants needs, week by week.

He also told me that since I was an able-bodied cancer patient, I should be using the two-part Sensi fertilizer, that was cannabis specific. “We did a lot of genetic specific testing, and came up with Sensi Grow A&B and Sensi Bloom A&B as a superior system for growing cannabis hydroponically.”

So I called my friend Nigel, the MS patient, and gave him the EPN Sensi Pro, along with instructions on how to use it. It’s the simplest system ever devised for feeding your cannabis plants. He was most grateful, and offered me some more mandarin oranges, but I declined. We still had plenty of them from last week’s gift.

“What about the two pounds per light?” I asked on the phone. “You should still be able to maximize your yield, provided you use a heavy feeding regimen, and supplement your basic nutrient with bloom boosters, such as Bud Blood, Big Bud, and Overdrive,” said the technical guy.

He also said that I might want to try Hammerhead PK 9/18, which is the product they developed in response to growers’ inquiries about P-K 13/14, made by competitors. Advanced Nutrients tested the latter and found that it might lead to phosphorus toxicity. They pinpointed the correct ratio required by cannabis plants as a bloom booster supplement, which can be used in addition to your other bloom booster regimen.

If you’re using Bud Blood during week one of flowering, as I often do, you should not start adding Hammerhead until weeks three to five. Using Bud Blood and Hammerhead together would be redundant. However, Hammerhead can be used together with Bid Bud, provided the latter is confined to recommended rates.

You can also use Hammerhead in conjunction with Overdrive during weeks five and six, provided you only use half the recommended rate for Hammerhead. The basic application rate for Hammerhead PK 9/18 full strength is 0.5 ml per Liter of water.

During the flowering stage, cannabis starts using many additional mineral nutrients at increased rates. The plant’s stored up potassium and phosphorus supplies are called upon with increased frequency. Hammerhead satisfies this additional need for these two basic nutrients, in the correct proportion required by flowering cannabis plants.

Some growers who have used their competitors’ products with a 13/14 PK, have experienced phosphate accumulation in leaves that have a toxic effect. This can lead to chlorosis—a yellowing or whitening of green leaves. These leaves start dropping prematurely.

In more severe cases of phosphorus toxicity, gray-green lesions on the surface of the leaves turn brown and tip burning is evident after the application of these incorrectly balanced PK fertilizers.

Hammerhead PK 9/18 is not only correctly balanced for your cannabis plants, but it also contains sulphur and magnesium. These are used to maintain enzyme structure and increase the plant cells’ ability to extract energy for the growth of the reproductive organs, which result in larger and more potent buds.

Sensi Grow A&B is a high-yield fertilizer specifically designed for cannabis. Its special components are not found in other two-part ferts. Its NPK is 5-2-6, while the NPK of Sensi Bloom A&B is 5-4-8. Their precise macronutrient ratio and micronutrient profiles are tailor made for the vegetative and the flowering stages, respectively.

Based on standalone light feeding, the correct application rate is 2.6 mL/L for both of these products. I prefer a medium to heavy feeding, so I will adjust the mL rate accordingly.

I checked in the Advancedepedia for these nutrients, and under Sensi Bloom Part A&B it says: “If you want large, deliciously-scented flowers, use Sensi Bloom.” I look forward to trying out these recommended products, starting immediately.

What about pouring and spilling the liquid onto my jeans? The tech guy said that as long as I am careful, that should not be a problem. Be sure to do your measuring, pouring and mixing after a good night’s sleep. If you’re hung over from a night on the town, postpone it until you’re refreshed.

He also mentioned that they’re having labelling problems with Protector, Genius Oil, and Bug Away, so these products are temporarily unavailable. It seems that the government agencies are asking that Protector be registered as a fungicide, while Bug Away should be labelled an insecticide.

Bug Away is a natural product that repels insects, it is NOT and insecticide. Neither is Protector a fungicide per se, even though it protects from and fights powdery mildew. Genius Oil is a concentrated form of neem oil, which is an excellent protective agent against pests and pathogens.

If only the government were so concerned with labelling all the junk that is sold as food to humans, as they are with what we put on our plants.

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