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Friday, October 13, 2006

Compatibility, Seedling Health, Test Results

As I’m in the process of moving my seedlings from a fluorescent grow light to my 600W High Pressure Sodium light fixture, I just found out about another major change I need to make. A few postings back I was very enthusiastic about an Advanced Nutrients Medical product called HyOx. A fellow grower called it to my attention and the product description looked great on the Advanced Nutrients Medical website.

I just hung up the phone after talking to a very knowledgeable guy at the Medicinal Marijuana Growers and Patients support line. He informed me that HyOx is not compatible with root colonizers, such as Tarantula and Piranha. So treating my seedlings with these beneficial bacteria and fungi would have been useless, had I started using HyOx in my nutrient reservoir.

Luckily, I sought professional advice from the Advanced Nutrients Medical site, and saved myself a lot of headaches. I was told that extra oxygenation could be had for growers who use root colonizers by adding an air stone to the nutrient reservoir. I’m additionally fortunate to have an ebb and flow hydroponic system, which itself oxygenates the roots each time the nutrient solution flows back into the reservoir.

Depending on the amount and frequency of HyOx use, if you’re in a similar situation, you may not have completely killed off all the beneficial microbes, but if saving them is your goal, you have to discontinue using HyOx. HyOx is still a wonderful product, but you have to weigh the benefits of high oxygenation as opposed to the benefits of using root colonizers, which result in more efficient nutrient absorption and enhanced growth.

Voodoo Juice and SensiZym are two additional biological products that are not compatible with HyOx. All this makes sense when you realize that Tarantula contains 1.4 million colony forming units or CFU’s per gram of 57 types of beneficial microorganisms. If you blast them with a high level of oxygen, you probably kill a large number of them.

Since I’m moving seedlings, I am making sure to use Jump Start and No Shock, two outstanding Advanced Nutrients products designed to protect young plants from reactions to sudden changes, as well as to help them grow healthy roots faster. When used in conjunction with Clone It, these two formulations prove invaluable for the growers who propagate pot by taking cuttings from a mother plant.

A fourth protector of freshly cut clones is Wilt Stop, which seals the stomata of the cutting with paraffin wax to keep it from losing moisture. For my seedlings I only use No Shock and Jump Start, both of which help to calm transplant shock.

Now that I’m firing up my 600W High Intensity Discharge (HID) light, I am reminded once again that power companies all over the United States are keeping track of how much power is consumed by every user and they work closely with law enforcement in reporting if excess electrical use comes into play.

Even though Claire and I are perfectly within the laws of our state in growing and using pot, federal laws still consider medpot illegal and we don’t need any hassles. For this reason, I’ve set up a woodworking shop on the other side of the basement with a large lathe and power tools.

If the power company or whoever else comes snooping around, I just take them into that part of the basement, and show them the well worn tools which I bought second hand. It helps to have a few half-finished woodworking projects scattered around, as well.

This kind of camouflage is especially important if you have more than one HID light. They consume an awful lot of electricity so the spike in your meter reading will have to be explained somehow. Don’t think you can get around it by fiddling around with the wiring and bypassing the meter. They have detection devices that can pinpoint any leak of power, whether it’s from your fuse box or the high voltage cables coming straight from the power poles.

Oh, BTW, my doctor tells me that my test results are encouraging, since there is no sign of cancerous cells anywhere in my body. Could it be that they have cut all of it out during the major surgery? I was so happy when she told me this, that I came home and lit up a fat doobie to celebrate!

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