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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Washing clay pebbles, eyeing the females

This picture is not of my grow room, but that's an awful lot of medicine!

My fifteen to twenty seeds have germinated and now they’re under a fluorescent light stuck in rockwool cubes, growing into seedlings. As you know, I have a six-bucket ebb and flow (also known as flood and drain) hydroponic system, which I use to grow six large female plants, after I select the strongest ones from the seedlings to come.

My buckets are deep and my reservoir is large. This way the pump has to flood my growing medium (clay pebbles) less often, than if I was using a shallow bucket system. In between crops, it’s time to thoroughly wash the clay pebbles to avoid any kind of disease or infestation. Marijuana is unfortunately susceptible to a whole array of pathogens.

Once I select my six super females, I will treat my plants with Advanced Nutrients Medical's Barricade, Protector, and Scorpion Juice. Barricade utilizes potassium silicate to build strong cell walls and give my plants resistance to bugs, pathogens, drought, and help them maintain maximum metabolism.

Protector was designed by the plant scientists at Advanced Nutrients Medical to fight and prevent powdery mildew. Fungus is always a possibility in any grow room, so it’s best to nip it in the bud, so to speak. God forbid my buds should ever get mildew. Claire and I would be heartbroken, since you can’t smoke cannabis that has been infected by that insidious fungus.

Scorpion Juice inoculates my pot plants with Systemic Acquired Resistance, which wards off numerous additional pathogens. Using this trio of preventative products, I feel that I’ve given my “ladies” a fair fighting chance when it comes to diseases and infestations that have plagued cannabis since time immemorial.

Thank goodness, my deep bucket hydroponic system has a safety feature, in case the pump fails. Once we went away for three days and came back to find our plants on the wilting side. There is a bit of a reservoir around each bucket that the plants can rely on in an emergency, but I still had to administer Wilt Stop to my ailing ladies, in order to restore their vigor.

After talking to the technical advice guys at Advanced Nutrients Medical, I’m thinking of trying a crop cycle with different base nutrients than the ones I always use.

Sensi Pro EPN sounds very promising. According to the product description, it increases growth rate and yield, it’s extremely easy to use, and everything is measured and timed week-by-week to save you the hassles of measuring and figuring.

This is the one that might give me two or more pounds of my medicine per light. Claire and I have to ration our cannabis intake, in order to last the four month growing period between harvests. This product would enable us to use a little more, if we needed to.

I also looked at Sensi One Grow and Sensi One Bloom for their ease of use and simplicity. I have many other activities in my life, I don’t want to spend all my time in the grow room, if I don’t need to. These synthetic fertilizers also cost considerably less than the organic ones I’ve been using.

Not that I have any complaints against Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom. In conjunction with Bud Blood, Overdrive, and Colossal Bud Blast the organic regimen has produced a large quantity of quality buds that are drying as we speak.

As soon as my seedlings can be placed under the High Pressure Sodium light, I will treat them again with No Shock and Jump Start. This is in order to avoid any adverse effects of the transplantation, as well as to help them grow more quickly into stronger and more vigorous cannabis plants.

I’m already eyeing three indica and three sativa females as potential candidates for the deep buckets. But more time is needed before I can finalize my decision.

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At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Vivian said...

i have enjoyed reading your blog! i hope to be able to do what you do some day and grow my own medicine. i love how you recoginze the beautiful cycle of planting, growing and harvesting.


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