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Thursday, September 28, 2006

HyOx, Temperature, and Wet Betty

The daytime temperature of your grow room should be a constant 75º F and there shouldn’t be more than a 10º fluctuation at night. Around this time of year, when night time temperatures plummet, make sure that you have at least one oil-filled radiator in your indoor garden. I have one and I’m thinking of getting a second one.

I’ve got my exhaust and intake fans, as well as my heaters, attached to a thermostat. If the temperature varies from the optimum levels, either the fans kick in full blast or the heater goes on. In addition to the thermostat, it is important to have a reliable thermometer in the grow room, for a visual check of the situation. The old fashioned glass mercury jobs are probably better for this than the newfangled, digital kind.

The only reason that I’ve waited this long to buy a second oil-filled radiator is because I also use a CO2 burner, which generates major heat. I haven’t yet figured out how to hook this into central control, so I have it on a separate timer. Marijuana plants are funny that way—they grow better with CO2 in the air getting absorbed by their leaves, while their roots prefer to suck up oxygen.

HyOx is a wonderful Advanced Nutrients Medical product that guarantees that my ladies are getting enough oxygen through their root systems. Just by having a flood and drain (or ebb and flow) hydroponic system, provides a great deal of oxygen to the roots. Everytime the nutrient solution is drained back into the reservoir, the resulting suction fills the roots with fresh oxygen. But HyOx makes sure that even more oxygen reaches the part of the plant that needs it to thrive.

In my last posting I mentioned a pump failure incident. I forgot to say that Advanced Nutrients Revive, in addition to Wilt Stop, was instrumental in saving my medicine garden during that unfortunate accident. Revive pumps super chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other vital nutrients into your wilted plants and fills them with new vigor.

After such a stressful event, I always spray my plants with a solution of Piranha, in order to protect them against a whole slew of pathogens, including Fusarium, Phythium, Rhizoctania, and Sclerotinia. It is also great against gray mold and mildew.

The more I think about EPN Sensi Pro and that it might make it possible for Claire and I to harvest two pounds or more of our medicine per light, the closer I get to trying it. Since we only have one light, that means that we could harvest two pounds of grade A medicine every four months. We’d have to do an awful lot of blunts to get through that much before the next harvest.

I’ve also been eyeing the Organic Wet Betty label—all right, call me a dirty old man—but this “surfactant” transfer molecule thing makes sense to me. She promises improved growth and yield, as well as a better tasting smoke. I’ll give her a try, next time I visit my garden shop.

I’ve decided on the three sativas and three indica ladies that I’m going to plant in the six buckets. This time the strongest lady will become a Motherplant. I’ll be sure to buy Advanced Nutrients Very High Output (VHO) in order to feed her and her clones. Seeds are much harder to get these days and the quality ones are too expensive.

Of course I’m not forgetting about the cloning and rooting products made by Advanced Nutrients Medical. So I’ll have to stock up on Clone It, Jump Start, and No Shock to be sure. The tiny cuttings have so many strikes against them, it’s important to strengthen them and their roots with the proper inoculants and early nutrients.

Then, when my ladies reach the flowering stage, I’ll be giving them Hammerhead PK 9/18 to guarantee bigger buds and harvests. It has just the right ratio of phosphorus and potassium that cannabis ladies love. At that late stage they don’t need additional nitrogen.

Claire had another migraine the other day, but we managed to nip it in the bud, so to speak. A very fine tasting bud, as a matter of fact!

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