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Friday, September 08, 2006

Ending, Cleansing, Starting Over

I refer to the period between having harvested my “ladies” and planting the next set of seeds as the “inter-regnum period.” This comes from having been a history student at college—it refers to the time between two kings.

Common sense cleanliness and good ventilation are the secret weapons against insects and fungi. These two super villains can ruin your whole crop and force you to be without your medicine until you can disinfect and replant.

The inter-regnum period is the time to disinfect your grow room. All plant debris must be removed, the hydroponic system has to be flushed and flushed over and over again, the walls and floors have to be wiped with Wipe Out, and all your tools should be cleaned thoroughly with Grandpa’s Isopropyl Alcohol.

There is a way of getting rid of viruses by heating the grow room to an unbearable level and cooking any pathogens present. Hopefully you don’t have a virus infestation, so you can skip this step.

A great book to buy is “Hemp Diseases and Pests,” by McPartland et al. Or you can just visit the Advanced Nutrients Medical website and look up the symptoms that your plants might have, then connect them with the appropriate disease, if any.

I’m reminded of the time when my grow room became infested with spider mites. These tiny arachnids are the most common indoor infestation known to anyone who has ever grown marijuana. Who knows how they got in—the eggs could have entered on our dog and brought into the room after I patted him. Or I could have trekked them in on the bottom of my shoes.

That infestation was a hallmark in my marijuana growing. Once we got rid of the bugs by regular spraying of Bug Away, I started using Scorpion Juice to inoculate my ladies against all sorts of pathogens and insects. Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), imparted by this fantastic Advanced Nutrients product, gives them an edge to ward off infestations.

I also use Barricade and Protector regularly now. The former protects plants from the inside out so you don’t have to use poison to kill the infesters, while the latter was specifically developed to prevent and fight against powdery mildew.

Aphids, mites, and fungi don’t have a chance against Barricade. It heightens the plant’s immune response and deters predators. Used in a hydroponics context, Barricade helps plants to grow a tougher skin that naturally repels insects, diseases, and stress.

After that first and only spider mite infestations, I wasn’t going to take any chances. This regimen of fine Advanced Nutrients products works like a charm! Coupled with adequate ventilation to control humidity, it has kept my grow room free of problems for a considerable length of time!

Unlike other growers, I shy away from taking cuttings and cloning from a mother plant. You take a big chance each time you do that, although Advanced Nutrients does make products specifically for this purpose.

I check out their Medicinal Growers Forum quite frequently, and participants have a lot of nice things to say about Clone It, No Shock, Jump Start, and Wilt Stop. I’ve thought about propagating my plants in a different way from seed, and perhaps before the next harvest I’ll give it a try.

This coming generation of “ladies” will still have to be grown from seed. I’ve ordered the seeds in anticipation of the harvest, and they’ve arrived in a plain brown envelope. Buyer beware, order only from a reputable dealer. Check out the forum—word of mouth is a good indication of where the reliable, disease-free seeds are coming from.

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