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Friday, August 25, 2006

Eden, Iraq, Healing Herbs, and Sweet Leaf

Terror has been with us since humankind got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. All you have to do is to imagine what it was like to be a human sacrifice being led up to get your heart ripped out in Mayan times, to know what terror is. The Bible is full of stories of armies massacring entire towns--men, women, and children--in the name of the Lord.

More recently, the East German secret police ran that country based on terror. According to records liberated after the fall of the Berlin wall, half the population was spying on the other half. Terror indeed. What about Latin America? In Argentina alone 30,000 were kidnapped, tortured, and murdered by officially sanctioned death squads during the reign of the military junta.

America never got so upset about terrorists when it was governments doing it. Then five years ago the World Trade Center towers collapsed, 3,000 people died, and all of a sudden terror became the top priority of the U.S. government.

So far, 30,000 people have died in Iraq, in the name of that War on Terror. Almost as many U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq, as the victims in the twin towers. What logic is that? Oil, you say? You’re damn right it’s oil, and the profits from it to line the pockets of Bush’s Texas buddies.

The world needs less terror and more healing. It's official--marijuana has been recognized as a medicinal herb, by no less of an authority than a Peterson Field Guide: Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs, by Foster and Hobbs. I found this great little book in the library, and it clearly states on Page 222—

“Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana…Widely used…to relieve nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Antibiotic for gram-positive bacteria. Though much maligned, it is potentially a very useful medicinal plant. Considered pain-relieving, anticonvulsant, nausea-relieving.”

It also mentions relieving eyeball pressure in glaucoma patients. My wife and I are medpot patients, as you know. Claire suffers from migraines (speaking of terror) and I am a recovering cancer patient (knock on wood for the “recovering.”) We grow our own pot, in an expertly constructed grow-room, located in our basement, next to my home office.

We can personally attest to the healing properties of marijuana and I challenge any two-bit government agency to prove it to me otherwise. If more people healed their illness (whatever it might be) with marijuana, we wouldn’t have so many Iraq-type misadventures. More people would be able to see through the b.s. dished out by our politicians.

Not everyone who smokes pot is a slacker. In addition to my regular job, I have to work very hard to make sure that my marijuana plants are nourished properly. Luckily, I get help from the experts at Advanced Nutrients Medical. I grow my pot in the hydro-organic fashion, which means I use a hydroponic system with a 100% organic nutrient-laden solution.

Natural nutrients bring out a sweet, organic taste in the buds we smoke. Even though the organic products we buy are mixed and balanced either according to the vegetative or flowering cycles of our plants, we still have to experiment with blending two or more products in just the right amount to provide top quality buds.

Iguana Juice and Colossal Bud Blast I’ve already mentioned in this blog, but we also use Carbo Load Liquid, Organic B, and Grandma Enggy’s Humic Acid, at different times during the growth and flowering of our plants. One week prior to harvest it is advisable to flush your whole system, and fill it up with clean, pH balanced water.

By giving your plants nothing but clean water during the final week before harvest, you remove any unwanted taste that might accumulate from the fertilizers. We added Sweet Leaf to the mixture a few weeks ago, to enhance the aroma and flavor of our medicine. Flushing will not remove the improvements of this wonderful product.

Sweet Leaf supplies four of the richest tasting sugars along with an abundance of amino acids, organic acids, esters and vitamins. Claire and I are looking forward to harvest time, which is at the end of the month. I flushed my system out yesterday, and my ladies are drinking pure, clean water.

The buds are numerous and large and smell sweet. Harvest time is the time to give thanks and we have a lot to be thankful for. We’ve managed to avoid major setbacks such as powdery mildew, by keeping humidity down and using Protector as a preventative spray.

We were very careful in administering nutrients to make sure that we didn’t over-fertilize. And we were sure to provide 12 hours of “daylight” followed by 12 hours of total darkness, to give the buds a chance to develop and grow large.

Who says we were thrown out of the Garden of Eden? The Garden is right here, in our basement!

As Bob Dylan, my minstrel of choice, sang once upon a time:
“There are no truths outside the Gates of Eden.”

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Healing the Spirit with Books, Music, and Cannabis

Read a book review by Zinta Aistars of “Burning Rainbow Farm: How a Stoner Utopia Went Up in Smoke” by Dean Kuipers. Whew! What a powerful story! It captures how the war on drugs has absolutely no compassion or respect for human life. The book details the murder of the two leaders of a quasi hippie commune in Michigan, by the FBI and local law enforcement. Their crime? Coming out in the open for the medicinal and responsible recreational use of marijuana. No hard drugs were allowed on the commune.

It started me thinking about all the powerful books I’ve read over the years. When I was in my teens (late seventies) I felt that a powerful train had run past and I missed it. It was called the sixties. So I started researching everything about that era, and read “On the Road,” by Jack Kerouac, and “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” by Hunter S. Thompson came later (I had to go to the library and read back issues of Rolling Stone for that one), as well as Charles Bukowski’s and Pablo Neruda’s poetry. Neruda was of another generation, but his love poems were some of the best ever written, so for me he fit in with the hippie era.

Along with countless others, such as Ed Sanders of the Fugs, Timothy Leary, Bob Dylan’s lyrics and liner notes, and Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis, they all helped to open my mind to what I call the politics and literature of ecstasy. Later, Stephen Gaskin of the Farm would write “Haight Ashbury Flashbacks,” and it would clinch it for me. His description of attending the Monterey pop festival, where both Jimi Hendrix and Ravi Shankar were first introduced to a North American audience, is priceless.

As I tend to my six marijuana plants, with their huge buds almost ready for harvest, I feed them with Colossal Bud Blast and think of all the books that have given me a blast over the years. “Electric Cool Aid Acid Test” by Tom Wolfe, about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, and “Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up to Me,” by folksinger Richard Farina, who was killed in a motorcycle accident the very same year that Bob Dylan cracked up his motorcycle. Rebels with a good cause, I’d say.

One thing all these writers had in common is their lack of fear in following their bliss. Even “Fear and Loathing” was in a way the story of a man seeking ecstasy, he just overdid the chemicals. Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Thompson in the movie of the same title was excellent, IMO. When is Hollywood going to make a movie about Farina, or Ginsberg? They made one about Kerouac, but it was a low-budget one and it missed the mark.

One thing the Beat writers had in common with the hippie era musicians and writers was the fact that they all toked up at one time or another. There is the famous story of Bob Dylan visiting the Beatles in a New York City hotel room and turning them on to pot, with Allen Ginsberg present. They all got giddy and no monumental creativity came out of that meeting. Except the fact that the music of the Beatles turned psychedelic very soon after.

In a way, pot was working its mysterious medicine even back then. It helped heal a whole generation that were constrained by the straight-laced, crew-cut fifties, and helped open up their minds to sparkling visions and loving, peaceful feelings. All you have to do is to listen to “Strawberry Fields Forever,” or Dylan’s “Love Minus Zero, No Limit,” in order to tune into the healing energy that was supplied by love through cannabis.

Just as my “ladies,” my female marijuana plants, are nurtured by the best organic nutrient available (Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom) so was the sixties generation nurtured by the organic blossoming of the hearts and minds of creative artists, such as the ones I mentioned.

It’s a continuum. Black jazz musicians begat black blues musicians begat the Rolling Stones. William Carlos Williams begat Allen Ginsberg begat Bob Dylan. May the coming generations be as blessed with such talent and the ability to heal the spirit, as these.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nutrients, Terrorists, and Joan Rivers

Started playing around with one of my pot pictures in Photoshop, and came up with this image. It reminds me of the techniques Andy Warhol was using on his famous serial portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. It looks surreal, which is quite fitting for an image of a cannabis plant.

My ladies are close to harvest, so I am treating them to Colossal Bud Blast, which will optimize the size and potency of their buds. As you know, the most powerful part of the female plant is the bud, which has the highest concentration of THC. Once they are processed and dried, the buds supplied by my “ladies” will keep Claire and I supplied with a daily dose of our medicine, until the next harvest.

In the early stages of growth, my cannabis plants were nourished with Iguana Juice Grow, a fish-based, 100% organic nutrient manufactured and distributed by Advanced Nutrients Medical. When the flowering stage approached, I switched to Iguana Juice Bloom, in order to optimize the number of flowers, thus the proliferation of buds.

Medicinal marijuana is not only a pain reliever, it is also a mood enhancer. In these troubled times, it is imperative to maintain an even emotional keel. Medpot helps us tune in to that inner peace, which is necessary to survive any crisis, whether personal, or international.

The uncovering of the alleged terrorist plot in London and the arrest of most of the individuals involved once again brings home the message that our safety is tenuous at best. Not only do we have to make sure that our household is free of intruders, we also have to keep our minds and spirits free of these threats to our sanity, such as the plot to bomb airliners and the war in Lebanon and Israel.

Squirrel caught the tail end of the news, so she asked what’s going on. I had to explain about these angry young men who think that by killing large numbers of people, they somehow will advance their cause. According to them, their cause is a fight for justice. Yet they don’t realize that depriving innocent people of their very lives is the most unjust act one can commit.

Our daughter acknowledged that it was a complex problem and went on to shoot her opponents in the Game Cube game, Mario’s Party. She tried to teach me how to play this the other day, with dismal results. First of all, the rules took a half an hour to explain. My brain was hurting by the time she finished.

Then my awkward fingers could not manipulate the buttons fast enough, and my aim was way off. To be perfectly honest, half the time I had no idea what I was doing and my daughter was either laughing at me, or she became very frustrated, since we were partners and I was responsible for our losing the game.

This is supposed to be a non-violent game, but there’s an awful lot of stomping and duelling going on and laying traps for your opponents. Squirrel is determined to win each and every game. I wonder if the alleged terrorists in London grew up playing these electronic games and whether their world-view was influenced with the idea of winning at any cost.

We can only pray and consider ourselves lucky that this time they were thwarted in their monstrous plans. By the time late night rolled around, the comics were making fun of the whole situation. Kevin Nealon on Conan said that when Joan Rivers’ make-up was confiscated at the airport, the terrorists realized that they went too far. Chuckle, chuckle.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dylan, Lennon, and Staying Cool

Drove to the supermarket to pick up some chicken strips, hot peppers, milk, and ice. When I returned to my car in the parking lot, the heat in the vehicle was unbearable. This heatwave is certainly the hottest I remember in a long time. It’s only a fifteen minute drive and I have an air-conditioned car, but just getting in and out was a draining experience.

When I got home, I washed my hands and face with cold water and ran the water over my wrists to cool me down. Our house is not air-conditioned so I had to set up a cross-breeze using three fans and four wide-open windows. Then I decided to lie down and take a nap.

It’s a time-honored tradition in hot countries to have a siesta after lunch. If you have the luxury to work at your own pace, I’d advise it. Take it easy during the hottest part of the day and get your work done in the early evening hours, or in the early morning, when it’s much cooler.

It’s too hot to be out in the middle of the day, so Squirrel spends her time playing on her Game Cube and sucking on apple-juice pops.. They’re much healthier than the store-bought kind. You can buy a popsicle tray and just pour pure, 100% organic apple juice into it. Presto, a great summer treat!

I figure if I feed my plants 100% organic nutrients, it’s the least I can do for our daughter to also provide her with healthy nutrition. She knows that I grow my own medicine for Claire and I, and also knows not to talk to her playmates about it. I try to talk to her about the expansion of consciousness in the sixties, but she just laughs and makes some put-down remark about those stoned hippies.

I missed the sixties, since I was born smack in the middle of that exciting decade, but I was a teenager in the late seventies so enough of the mystique permeated my brain. And Bob Dylan and John Lennon are my all-time heroes. “Mr. Tambourine Man” and “Imagine” were always the prominent songs in my repertoire, even when I had to suffer jibes from fellow musicians for sticking with these old favorites.

It’s almost time to administer Colossal Bud Blast to my ladies. The end of August is harvest time, and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks to the 100% organic nutrients by Advanced Nutrients Medical, my six pot plants are growing tall and strong and healthy.

The fruit fly problem has been solved and I’m being much more vigilant about pests. Periodically, I spray the plants with Scorpion Juice, to ward off pathogens. Knock on wood, so far it’s been a successful plan!

I had to bring in an extra fan into the grow room and I placed buckets of ice at intervals around the plants to cool the air. This heatwave must be extra destructive to those who are growing their pot outside. They probably have to devise shading scenarios to keep the scorching sun from burning their plants.

If global warming gets any worse, I might have to invest in an air-conditioning system for my pot plants. I can’t afford to air condition the whole house, but at least my ladies won’t suffer from the heat. We’ll see if it’s necessary.

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