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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Credit Burn Out and Flowering Ladies

Back from our short-lived holidays, I’ll just make this a very short posting. Even if you’re lucky enough to go away, work always catches up with you when you come back. I have a number of things to attend to not having to do with growing pot.

Squirrel, our nine-year-old daughter, has discovered the magic of Internet shopping (provided you have access to a credit card). Due to a failed business venture a number of years back, we only have one credit card and it is up to the limit. So Squirrel was very upset when we told her that no, she can’t buy all the stuff from the American Kennel Club that she would like.

The absurd ideas of little girls who haven’t yet learned the value of money. $199 for a bed for our dog! Hey, I slept most of my life on a mattress that cost less than that!

My ladies (female marijuana plants) are progressing very nicely, and soon I will switch over to Iguana Juice Bloom in their reservoir. So far we’ve been feeding them with Iguana Juice Grow, but after the vegetative growth is finished and the flowering cycle starts, they require food that is balanced differently, between the macro and the micro nutrients.

You know what Squirrel said when I told her that we don’t have enough money for her shopping spree? “You better start working overtime, dad.” Yeah, thanks. I’m only working ten to twelve hours a day. Maybe I should forget about sleep entirely. And send my paycheck to the Kennel Club directly…

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