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Friday, June 02, 2006

Medical Marijuana is Antiemetic

Antiemetic is a technical name for a drug that reduces the urge to vomit, and subdues the vomiting itself. The most common use for medical marijuana in the U.S. is as an antiemetic. This property of cannabis had been known for thousands of years—a 2,000 year-old Chinese text lists marijuana and the 100 illnesses that it was used to treat at that time. High on the list is nausea.

The anti-nausea effects of marijuana were rediscovered in the 1970’s, when chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer became widespread. This coincided with a high incidence of marijuana use, and cancer patients who also smoked pot reported to their doctors that cannabis helped with their nausea and vomiting. The 1999 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report on the medical use of marijuana confirmed this—since then, thousands of medpot patients have used therapeutic cannabis just for this purpose.

Another great use for medicinal marijuana is as a pain reliever. Ancient Chinese doctors administered it to patients prior to surgery. Migraine sufferers, such as my wife Claire, benefit from both of these properties of medpot. Luckily, we live in one of the eleven states that allows the use medicinal marijuana, as well as permits patients and their caregivers to grow a limited number of plants.

My name is Wes. I started using medpot personally when I was undergoing chemotherapy for a cancerous tumor. Prior to my operation, the doctors at the cancer clinic dosed me with radiation and chemo. I couldn’t have survived the upheaval of chemo without the pot. Luckily, my doctor was in total sympathy. I finally understood why some cancer patients begged their loved ones to allow them to die, rather than undergo the rigors of chemotherapy once again.

Claire woke up with another migraine this morning. Her attacks are so bad, that she was wailing and asking for something to vomit into, when she woke up. My daughter (age 9) rushed down to my home office to say that her Mama was in pain and that she asked me to bring her medicine. I rushed upstairs and made sure that my daughter was engrossed in a TV show before I took the joint to my wife in the bedroom. We try not to smoke in front of my daughter. I guess we’ve also been brainwashed by all the anti-pot and anti-smoking propaganda.

Prior to our medpot use, my wife used to self-administer injections of Imitrex, when these intense attacks happened. Eventually, even that powerful drug lost its effectiveness. Claire finds that even half a joint is better than conventional medicine. We share the doobie and I put my arm around her and she loses her anxiety and slowly her pain dissipates. Then she is able to face the day.

I so strongly believe in the healing properties of this sacred herb, that I set up a grow room in the basement, next to my home office. We live in an urban environment, where outdoor gardening was out of the question. In my subsequent postings, I will explain in detail how I set up the grow room and what kind of pot I grow. Also, how I feed my ladies (the female marijuana plant produces the most powerful buds). I gained all this knowledge from an incredibly helpful website, put up by a company called Advanced Nutrients Medical.

BTW, in case you’re wondering about the “Minstrel” part of the title, I’m an amateur musician who sings the praises of medpot as often as I can.

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