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Friday, June 16, 2006

Let this lady light your fire!

I grow my medpot in a grow room next to my home office. It takes about four months to selectively grow six female plants from germination to maturity. Commercial growers do it faster, but they force-feed the plants and coerce them to flower, which I don’t do. Besides, harvesting six large plants three times a year provides more than enough medicine for me and my wife, Claire.

I start with 15 seeds. Only when a plant is especially sweet and powerful do I take cuttings. The drawback of cuttings is that you can transfer diseases through them. During the seedling and vegetative stage, the lights can be kept on for 24 hours. Only during the flowering stage do the plants require 12 hours of light, followed by 12 hours of total darkness. Thus the need to cover the windows of your grow room with black tarpaper or plastic.

During the seedling stage I use fluorescents; for older plants the 600W High Pressure Sodium lamp fixture, with a conversion bulb, to provide blue light during the vegetative cycle. Then, when the flowering starts, I switch to an HPS bulb in the red end of the spectrum.

When the plants are young, you can bunch up to 15 of them under such a light. I augment my hydroponic buckets with smaller pots at this stage. For the pots I use a peat moss, perlite mixture—for the buckets, it’s baked clay pebbles as the growing medium.

The hydroponic bucket system is set to flood the roots of the plants with nutrient solution at periodic intervals. The plants in the pots should be watered once a day with the appropriate fertilizer. I use 100% organic Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom for all my plantings, expertly blended for the two major cycles of the marijuana plant.

When the plants reach about two-three feet, I switch over to the half and half regimen of light and darkness. This is the signal to the plant to start flowering. As soon as the plants exhibit male and female characteristics, the culling can begin. The males have to be removed before they are able to release their pollen.

By a process of pick and choose style elimination, I reduce the number of plants to six, and put them into the hydroponic buckets. These are my Ladies and they provide the best medicine for Claire’s migraines, and my cancer.

It takes about eight weeks for the females to flower. When the large leaves start to yellow and drop off, it’s time for the harvest. We do a little ritual, Claire and I, thanking the Creator for bringing this sacred herb into our lives and deeply inhaling the aroma of our plants. If we’re lucky, the buds are dripping with resin by this time. They have to be hung up to dry for a week.

In addition to good luck, we also rely on Colossal Bud Blast by the Advanced Nutrients Medical folks to ensure superb bud formation on our ladies. We also use Bug Away, because the occasional critter does manage to enter our secure grow space.

The picture on top of this page shows our pride and joy this year. It’s a hybrid called Northern Flame. We harvested her in April and have been enjoying her powerful essence ever since. Just because it’s our medicine, doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to enjoy it, does it? My philosophy is if it feels good, do it. After a good smoke, it’s so much easier to love everybody.

“Love is just a song we sing, fear’s the way we die, you can hear the mountains sing, or make the angels cry…c’mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try and love one another right now.”


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